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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  July 24, 2016 5:51pm-6:01pm EDT

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to may sure their voices were heard. i think that is what has marked 2016. people are frustrated, a lot of people, they're looking for answers and i think the political system and set up giving people what they want, and i think people do >> c-span's washington journal is my from the democratic convention. up, we get a preview of the democratic national convention including speakers and themes for the day. and then this woman shares her efforts to cover her expenses to be at the convention including turning to social media to raise her funds. and an ohio state repetitive on
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the clinton candidacy. watch "washington journal," beginning at 7:00 a.m. et. >> here at the national constitution center, they have an area called signers hall. john mcardle took a tour. welcome to the national constitution center. we are the only museum in the country dedicated to the constitution. we are located in the heart of philadelphia. we have 3 main missions. we are museum where you can come throughout the year to see our amazing interactive expeditions, but we are town hall. you can find great programming about current cost of two
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national debates and discussions. we are a civic education center. we want our content out to teachers and students. today, i will talk about our museum. we are in one of the signature exhibition spaces called signer's hall. this is the moment the constitution was signed. there are 42 statues in the room representing those that were still present and participating in the constitutional convention in september after the end of a long summer that basement in philadelphia working to create this document. you can really walk amongst the signers. you can touch them. they are life-size bronze statues. we made them to be interactive. he is by far one of the most popular and favorite here d's and well loved he has been in the 13 years we have been open.
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find out that not everyone at the constitutional convention was happy with how things ended up. that attendedmen at different points. some left because they had other business. some left out of protest. these 3 are called the dissenters. andge mason, randolph albert jerry. they were here on september 17, but refused to sign the document because they felt it didn't do enough to protect the interests they had for the country's future and their personal space. we have other famous people you may recognize. we have alexander hamilton, who was the only delegate from new york after the two delegates with him left in protest earlier. he was still here at the end and helped with the final crafting
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and signing of the document. we have james madison, the .hortest delegate, only 5'4" they are all life-size accurate depictions. he is the father of the constitution. he is the guy that came in with a plan. he set the agenda for the summer . he was the super influential person in shaping the final process. he took all of the notes. he left us what happened during the convention. and we have george washington. he is the father of our country. he was also elected president at the convention. he was the steady hand who was here all summer long overseeing the proceedings. and howhis gravitas much respect he had from his fellow countrymen to the proceedings. they would have to go out to the people to make their case to get
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them to support this new form of government. visit you canyour be part of the story and add your name to the constitution. this is about bringing the past to life, getting it interacts with the past, and understand this period >> for the first time in our nation's history, a woman will be a major party nominee. >> hillary clinton becomes the first woman nominee of a major political party for president of the united states.
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c-span makes it easy makes it easy to keep up with all the latest developments with the c-span radio app, available as a free download from the app store and google play. convention,on the as well as updates on important speeches and events. we are live back in far fromhia, not too where the democratic national convention is being held. this event is being held by the republican national committee. we expect to hear from reince priebus and paul metaphor. -- paul mannafort. we expect things to get underway shortly.
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we are waiting for this rnc event being held to counter program democratic national convention. as we wait for this to get underway let's review some of today's "washington journal."
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there is always going to be some kind of unanticipated screwup. everyone went into cleveland, i just got back. apocalypticwould be on the streets there. maybe all the things that have been happening in the recent weeks with killings of police officers and the like sobered up the protesters. everything was quite peaceful.
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>> they are four miles away from the arena where the delegates would be. though theyare, will be across the arena, broad avenue and the park there. the democratic convention committee wanted to make sure that some of the protesters could be seen by delegates. >> how big a deal was the floor fight the rules committee? >> it is interesting.


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